We founded our company in the summer of 2020 in Cologne with the goal to revolutionize football's transfer market.



Every player aged 8 years and older can use our app, no matter if he or she currently plays for a club or not. The performance level isn’t important in the beginning and can develop over time.

We are all different: Many of us just want to have fun while playing football, others want to become professional football players or want to get a scholarship for an US university.

The love for the game unites all of us, and Talento is the place where we connect.


Success has to develop over years.

Talento gives you the opportunity to track your development over years and also gives the scout the opportunity to follow a player over a longer period, without making decisions too fast.

The last trial didn’t work out? No problem, before the next trial, scouts will be able to see your development since then.


We take care that our users can use our app freely without worrying about their data.

Coaches and scouts are personally verified by us.

You are going to decide with whom you want to share your data by choosing either a public or a private profile.


A scout is interested in you, but your club didn’t pass his request to you?

On Talento we will inform you right away if there are scout requests for you!

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Co-Founders & Managing Directors Predrag Tokovic and Dyon Nelis
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